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SM² Coin is a decentralised, secure and trust-less file hosting platform with emphasis on minimal ecological footprint.
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Hello everyone and welcome to our official telegram channel. A few days ago, we launched our website at We're currently working on the specifications of the network. We'll post updates to this channel. So stay tuned for more :) Feel free to contact us at and follow us on twitter
Greetings, Marius

PS. In the meantime you can play around with our stickerpack .
Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we scheduled the release for our whitepaper in mid June 2018! The yellowpaper will be released afterwards, as soon as we finish working out all the details, so stay tuned!

Your's sincerely,
Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we will have a table and a speech slot at the IoP meetup in Berlin this June (16th/17th)! We will be working hard during the next weeks to release our whitepaper before the meetup, so things are getting interesting!
Learn more about the meetup here:

Your's sincerely,
Hello everyone!

We finally finished writing our initial whitepaper! You can now get a more detailed overview of our project, with all concepts now outlined in one document. You can find the whitepaper at
Note that this is only the first draft and will be superseded by a new version in the future, as more and more details are worked out.

Your's sincerely,
we've opened a new telegram group for you to discuss the project, please check it out.