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🗞 Belgium Gaming Commission finds Star Wars: Battlefront 2's loot boxes to be gambling

As U.S. State Representatives take aim at monetized games like Star Wars: Battlefront for being nothing more than casinos aimed at kids, the  Belgian Gaming Commission and Victorian Gambling Authority have decided that Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot crate practices are indeed... read more ➡️
🗞 Black Friday 2017 and Blizzard's discounts

Blizzard has announced their Black Friday offers and promotions for their popular game library.
Many of this year’s Back Friday deals and promos are up and running for many retailers, some of which are particularly enticing for all you gamers out there. Stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and... read more ➡️
🗞 Henry Cavill is coming back as Superman at least one more time

Henry Cavill has revealed that he’s contracted to play Superman at least one more time in the DCEU.
The recent release of ‘Justice League’ has let fans pretty divided on the future of the DC Extended Universe. Many enjoyed the film, while others…not so much. Despite how... read more ➡️
🗞 First footage for WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch surfaces

WWE 2K18 came out in October for a few different consoles but the previously announced Nintendo Switch version was nowhere to be found. After many weeks of silence and almost zero details regarding the portable version of the game, we now have first footage of the game running on a Nintendo... read more ➡️
🗞 Cute Sheep

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🗞 Hip Hop Friends By MRMajdiN

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🗞 Regular Show

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🗞 Mean Girls Pack

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🗞 Postage stamp

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🗞 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus gets free trial on all platforms

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is hands down one of the best games of 2017 and there’s almost zero reason you shouldn’t be playing it. For starters, it’s $30 at most retailers for Black Friday and it now has a free trial available for you to try just in case you’re not... read more ➡️
🗞 Hellblade sells 500,000 copies; Makes profit 3 months before expected

Ninja Theory released a pretty unexpected surprise on PlayStation 4 earlier this year in the form of Hellblade. The game tackled mental illnesses like schizophrenia in a really interesting way through the use of gameplay, the game’s narrative, and eerie sounds. Ninja Theory’s budget... read more ➡️
🗞 WAO Sticker By MRMajdiN

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🗞 Akira / By OsmerOmar

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🗞 Meow ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year @tikelku

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🗞 Olen the reindeer

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🗞 Jess And Jack

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🗞 New Year Winter By MRMajdiN

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🗞 Merry Xmas

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🗞 Themes, Multiple Accounts and Happy winter holidays!

Happy winter holidays, everyone! To reinforce the festive mood, we‘re updating Telegram for the second time this December, adding features you’ve been asking for.
With version 4.7 for iOS, you can change what your Telegram looks like in the new Appearance settings. Choose between four... read more ➡️
🗞 Telegram Open Network (TON) launch news
Token sale’s update:
The Issuer has closed new purchaser’s subscriptions for the current financing round accepting 94 investors and reported to SEC (link). We note that closings of the subscriptions shall not equal to final disbursement, which might be partially pending.
GRAM Trading:
TON Issuer...